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Sash Lilac, also known as Lilac the Dragon Girl, is the main protagonist of Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2 and a playable character in both. She is a spunky half-dragon believed to be the last water dragon existing on Avalice.

Lilac was born into the Red Scarves, an underground legion of thieves and assassins, after having been kidnapped by them as an egg. Her origins beforehand are unknown. It was in the Red Scarves that she was trained in combat and developed a criminal record. Eventually, due to a variety of factors, she left their ranks to find her place in life.[1]

She has a big heart and will jump at the chance to help her friends.[1]

Lilac as a character was created and is owned by Ziyo Ling, having been conceptualized as a Sonic the Hedgehog fan character. Sabrina DiDuro requested and has been granted permission from Ziyo Ling to use Lilac's likeness in the Freedom Planet series.

Lilac's voice is portrayed by Dawn M. Bennett.

Creation and redesigns

Original design

Sash Lilac was originally created by Ziyo Ling in 2001 as a Sonic the Hedgehog fan character. She was depicted as a hedgehog with the same design conventions as those from the Sonic series, with triangular ears, a skin-tone patch around the mouth, and large spikes on the back of the head. This version of the character was known by her given name, Sash, whereas the later version who would appear in Freedom Planet goes by her surname, Lilac.

The outfit worn in this design is similar to the version that would appear in the final release of Freedom Planet, with some minor differences.

This version of Sash was described as being 100 cm. (3 ft. 2 in.) tall, weighing 33 kg. (72 lbs.), knowing karate, liking ghost movies and hip hop, and disliking onions.

Redesign for Freedom Planet

Redesign for Freedom Planet 2


Lilac is a hybrid of a water dragon and an Avalician mammal of uncertain species. She has two short, pointed horns on top of her head which curve backwards and are the same color as her body. She has two long ponytails, seen emerging from underneath her hair on the back of her head, which are described as having a rope-like texture. Her body is pale lavender and her hair is medium purple. Her eyes are magenta.

Lilac wears blue, ovular headpieces on either side of her head, covering her ears. While not seen in-game or in any official art, DiDuro has confirmed that Lilac's ears resemble fish fins, similar to those of Merga.

It's unclear if Lilac's body is covered in skin, fur, or scales. The design of her tail in Freedom Planet 2 implies that she is at least partially covered in fur.

Freedom Planet

Freedom Planet 2

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Freedom Planet

Between Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2

Freedom Planet 2

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